Game variants

Capture the flag (CTF)

It is hung up on each side of the Spieldfeldes, at the base of the respective team a flag. Now it applies to “tear of the opposing team’s flag” and to hang out in the own base. As soon as the flag by a team is was taken and hanged the game ends.
Center flag

Like ‘Capture the Flag’, but only a flag in the middle of the playing field (which must be brought to the opposing starting point). As a variant of “Buzzer game” with one button, the so-called “buzzer”, the press, or as “Kick the bucket”, where a hat is reversed. This and several similar games are extremely rare.
Last man standing

As the name already says ‘The last man who is’. Is the one who still not ‘marked’ so was made. There will be played until one left who has not been hit so long. Just a point, or points for all remaining players will be applied depending on the game type.

The team that has no more players (because all were tagged) loses. Some CTF games slip for elimination, because everyone has forgotten which is a flag in the game, or because the flag is lowered only when no match is available.

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