As a marker be the sports equipment referred to those for the paintball through firing of Paintballs, the opponent marks (hence the term marker).

They are the second most important piece of equipment in the paintball. (Only the maskis important, no matter how good technology can replace your own eye light).

The following components of the marker must be connected to operate:

a running
a blowing agent (HP or CO ² ))
a hopper

Can be divided markers due to their function in the following categories:

Pump action marker (Pumps)
Electropneumatic markers (Epneus)
Blowback or Blowforward marker
ClosedBolt and OpenBolt markers

Gun law (WaffG)

Under German law, marker fall under the weapons act as “free arms”. You are freely available to persons of legal age, unless legal F stamp is affixed. No permit is required for the possession and spending (transportation) of the marker. For transport should be ensured but, that the marker is not ready to fire (separation of markers, ammunition and propellants). Running (not spending) a marker outside of enclosed grounds is not permitted.

Whether running with the “small”license is allowed, can be clearly answered (grey zone), because in the German Waffengesetzt is currently not possible.

A marker may be used only on enclosed premises and under exclusion of the public, thereby ensuring that no ball can leave the premises. In addition, markers are only permitted (and thus “ge-efft”), if they have a kinetic energy of the projectile, 7.5 Joule (which corresponds to the average weight of Paintballs of a muzzle velocity of less than 214 FPS ).

In Austria, the F stamp is not a prerequisite.

Marker must be in Germany generally separated from propellant and ammunition returned. So do not simply throw the marker after playing in the trunk. Many police officers are not enlightened’s markers is guns available free from 18, who wants to be prepared for everything cause the registration statement (you’ve got from the dealer) with. Also must be transported in a lockable bag or similar.

These items do not exist in Austria, as well as most other countries.

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