Game variants

Capture the flag (CTF) It is hung up on each side of the Spieldfeldes, at the base of the respective team a flag. Now it applies to “tear of the opposing team’s flag” and to hang out in the own base. As soon as the flag by a team is was taken and hanged the […]


As a marker be the sports equipment referred to those for the paintball through firing of Paintballs, the opponent marks (hence the term marker). They are the second most important piece of equipment in the paintball. (Only the maskis important, no matter how good technology can replace your own eye light). The following components of […]

What is paintball

What? Never heard of paintball? Then, however, it is time. Finally, paintball is the fastest-spreading sport worldwide. Everywhere in the world, this fast and tactical team sport players pursue team spirit, skill and communication are the be-all and end-all. Paintball in America originated, here it is played for many years and also the World Championships […]