Game variants

Capture the flag (CTF)

It is hung up on each side of the Spieldfeldes, at the base of the respective team a flag. Now it applies to “tear of the opposing team’s flag” and to hang out in the own base. As soon as the flag by a team is was taken and hanged the game ends.
Center flag

Like ‘Capture the Flag’, but only a flag in the middle of the playing field (which must be brought to the opposing starting point). As a variant of “Buzzer game” with one button, the so-called “buzzer”, the press, or as “Kick the bucket”, where a hat is reversed. This and several similar games are extremely rare.
Last man standing

As the name already says ‘The last man who is’. Is the one who still not ‘marked’ so was made. There will be played until one left who has not been hit so long. Just a point, or points for all remaining players will be applied depending on the game type.

The team that has no more players (because all were tagged) loses. Some CTF games slip for elimination, because everyone has forgotten which is a flag in the game, or because the flag is lowered only when no match is available.

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As a marker be the sports equipment referred to those for the paintball through firing of Paintballs, the opponent marks (hence the term marker).

They are the second most important piece of equipment in the paintball. (Only the maskis important, no matter how good technology can replace your own eye light).

The following components of the marker must be connected to operate:

a running
a blowing agent (HP or CO ² ))
a hopper

Can be divided markers due to their function in the following categories:

Pump action marker (Pumps)
Electropneumatic markers (Epneus)
Blowback or Blowforward marker
ClosedBolt and OpenBolt markers

Gun law (WaffG)

Under German law, marker fall under the weapons act as “free arms”. You are freely available to persons of legal age, unless legal F stamp is affixed. No permit is required for the possession and spending (transportation) of the marker. For transport should be ensured but, that the marker is not ready to fire (separation of markers, ammunition and propellants). Running (not spending) a marker outside of enclosed grounds is not permitted.

Whether running with the “small”license is allowed, can be clearly answered (grey zone), because in the German Waffengesetzt is currently not possible.

A marker may be used only on enclosed premises and under exclusion of the public, thereby ensuring that no ball can leave the premises. In addition, markers are only permitted (and thus “ge-efft”), if they have a kinetic energy of the projectile, 7.5 Joule (which corresponds to the average weight of Paintballs of a muzzle velocity of less than 214 FPS ).

In Austria, the F stamp is not a prerequisite.

Marker must be in Germany generally separated from propellant and ammunition returned. So do not simply throw the marker after playing in the trunk. Many police officers are not enlightened’s markers is guns available free from 18, who wants to be prepared for everything cause the registration statement (you’ve got from the dealer) with. Also must be transported in a lockable bag or similar.

These items do not exist in Austria, as well as most other countries.

What is paintball

What? Never heard of paintball? Then, however, it is time. Finally, paintball is the fastest-spreading sport worldwide. Everywhere in the world, this fast and tactical team sport players pursue team spirit, skill and communication are the be-all and end-all. Paintball in America originated, here it is played for many years and also the World Championships are held here.
How can I imagine the whole thing?

Paintball is played in demarcated areas. These are tensioned to with a fine NET. On the playing field, are, or are various barriers and barricades. In addition, there are two are included to starting positions in which each is a flag. Two teams with equal number of players compete on that playing field. Objective of both teams is to get from its own starting position in the enemy, there to snag the flag and to bring back to your own starting position. Create a team that in the allotted time, so it has won the game. All players are equipped during the game with markers, with which it is possible to shoot small paint balls (Paintballs). A player is hit by a paintball (similar to the “dodgeball”), so he drops out for this game and have to leave the field immediately. It doesn’t matter whether he himself or a part of its equipment was taken.
What about rules?

As in any sport, there are referees, called Marshall’s or also ref (short form for referee) in paintball. This ensures a controlled gameplay and intervene in infractions.
What is the attraction?

Paintball is an unusual sport in which is the ability of the team and the individual players of key to the success. Each paintball can play in this context. You should not necessarily be a jock. Tactics, skill, communication and patience often bring the team to success
Is paintball dangerous?

No, because it is a non-contact sport at paintball injury remain. By a safety mask designed specifically for Paintball and additional equipment (E.g. knee pads) is the risk to get hurt is zero. The only thing you can change to is a bruise. Paintball is one of the safest sports by far, according to American and English insurance statistics. (Paintball is there still far far far behind Golf!)
To shoot color balls?

Exactly. A such paintball has about 1.7 cm in diameter. He consists of gelatine in outside and inside is filled with a mixture of water, power and food coloring. Although you can eat such a paintball without concerns, you should drain due to the taste but it! :-). There is no danger for humans, animals or the environment.
Painful is the game?

Normally, you can feel a slight sensation if you get hit by a paintball. Yet should not hidden be that a paintball which comes flying at a distance less than 5 m is quite noticeable. But as I said: In the worst case a bruise remains.
How can I start?

You want to start with one of the most brilliant sports? No problem! Become a member of a Paintballverein. The membership free of charge and with no obligations are usually connected, because finally none of this sport should be excluded. Here you will meet enough players with whom you can maintain you… The only requirement that you must meet is that you have already completed 18 years of age. Otherwise, you need just a little adrenaline (comes from alone) and fun sport and it can go!
What is paintball?

Paintball is now as expensive for you, is hard to say. It depends on what equipment you have or how many Paintballs you misses from so in one day. You get good equipment from about €200. Save this under no circumstances in the mask, protects your eyes from the Paintballs. For a whole day about 40-€50 must reckon with a rental equipment you (including equipment, entry, air, balls, and something to eat / drink)